We’ve been featuring fewer and fewer electronic-based trip hop artists on BB lately, a fact that I’m confounded by. I don’t know if I’ve set the bar a bit too high, or if the genre simply doesn’t interest me as much as it used to. I’ve been reluctant to give a good hard listen to even Emancipator’s new effort, an artist that I revered so much that his music served as the first fodder for a (brief, and mostly terrible) feature. With that depressing notion out in the open, one record that I’ve found to re-excite my waning downtempo interest is none other than Ten Million Sounds’ Finding Time.


Finding Time is a compilation that features a solid mishmash of downtempo, nu-jazz and trip-hop elements. It’s made up of offerings from beat makers hailing from a plethora of colorful backgrounds and locations – Los Angeles to Paris and everywhere in between. While the collection is relatively subdued and not exactly attention-grabbing, I find it to be a great accompaniment for my day to day patterns. Whether driving, working, or simply enjoying life, Finding Time fits the mood perfectly. The album is a wonderful background album, through and through, and I mean that in the most positive manner.

As Ten Million Sounds‘ rather detailed liner notes point out, the compilation relates organically-influenced soundscapes to our own natural environment – an obvious sentiment detailed in each of the 13 tracks. Great care was given to the selection of artists in order to make the compilation feel cohesive, which is not an easy task by any means. Jesse, Ten Million Sounds’ curator-in-chief, did some great work on that end.

There’s something to be said about the effort that Jesse has invested in the creation of this compilation beyond the submissions from individual artists. You should know that 100% of the proceeds for Finding Time go to the Smile Train organization, which “raises money for cleft palate correction surgery for young children in developing countries” (from the Press Release).  If you’re even remotely interested in the music, you’ll know that donations provided will go to a good cause.

Sounds like: Dirty Art Club, Nym, FNDMNTL
Stand out tracks:

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I'm told that it sounds like The Album Leaf, Balmorhea, and Emancipator.