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Darren Korb - Bastion Soundtrack

Darren Korb – Bastion Soundtrack

Bastion is a single player adventure game featuring some classic gameplay with a new-age twist, and is complemented by an eclectically original soundtrack. On its own, the game stands as one of my favorites of the past few years. Combining the gameplay with the soundtrack’s obscure mixture of folk, trip hop and blues; however, made...
Mokhov - Perfect Dream

Mokhov – Perfect Dream

Mokhov’s Perfect Dream marks his second atmospherically infused electronic effort (atmospherica?).  Add in the fact that it was released less than a year after his debut record, it’s safe to say that this musician is nothing short of prolific.  Overall, Perfect Dream successfully avoids the dreaded “sophomore slump” by expanding on what makes Mokhov’s music...
Tycho - Dive

Tycho – Dive

I find it absolutely breathtaking when artists have the ability to properly portray the context of their music through album covers, titles, and even color palettes.  While not a hugely decisive characteristic in how good the album sounds per se, it can cause an album to cross the nebulous line in my brain that exists...