We’ve been on a roll here lately with EPs that have proven their worth in salt, often standing up to the many full-lengths that we feature. We’ll add another to that list of beauties, with Roadkill Ghost Choir‘s latest alt-americana foray: Quiet Light. Perhaps it’s the brevity of these short efforts that makes them so appealing, leaving just enough room for proper rumination, and not enough for over-thought.

Throughout Quiet Light, Andrew Shepard shows off his soft, entrancing vocal aptitude in a register that could be considered relatively high. His range is profound, however, as proof of the haunting lows in the opener “Beggars Guild” to the shimmering highs of “Tarot Youth“. Backup vocals also help to create a sense of space, an atmosphere that gives the record a character all its own.

Folksy, americana instrumentals put the Roadkill Ghost Choir on a level with many of the top indie players of the moment. Plucky banjos, slide guitars and the mesmerizing oscillation of the organ breathe life into the album, but never sound shoehorned, never incorrectly placed.

While, overall, the EP has a pretty cut-and-dry indie feel to it, there’s something more at work here. The movements, emotions and desires emitted from the multitude of jangling guitars, simplistic percussion and upbeat bass patterns produce a piece of art that yearns to be heard. This short album can be listened to as background noise, or as intently as a child awaiting santa’s footsteps on the roof.

I guess that’s the beauty of it, really. The only complaint I have of the EP (any good EP, really), is that it’s too short. Of course, it just means that I can look forward to their first full length with baited breath.

Sounds like: Fleet Foxes, Mimicking Birds, Half Moon Run

Stand out tracks:


Tarot Youth

Bird In My Window

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