Bravestation - Giants & Dreamers

Bravestation – Giants & Dreamers

A lush, far-reaching soundscape introduces Bravestation’s Giants and Dreamers. Much like the cover art so accurately depicts, the opener washes away in a swath of tropical rhythms and huge, echoing vocals. Just as the context of the cover art sets up the theme of the album, its colors similarly hint at its genre. New wave...
Little Brothers - Nostalgia Trip 2011

Little Brothers – Nostalgia Trip 2011

Nostalgia Trip 2011 is a rare find.  Consisting of three strapping young guys from Louisville, Little Brothers are in the business of jumping genres – as well as singing their faces off. The three members take turns at the mic throughout the six songs, belting out lyrics in alternating fashion.  In the first few, one...
Lord Huron - Mighty EP

Lord Huron – Mighty EP

Starting off with the soothing sounds of an ocean is always a good sign.  Mighty EP is a four-song masterpiece that serves up everything escapists crave, and then some. Lord Huron has an uncanny ability to simultaneously lull and excite the listener with swaying melodies, eclectic lyrics, and soaring percussion.  Tropical rhythms pepper these tracks,...