FNDMNTL - Dubtraktion

FNDMNTL – Dubtraktion

Dubtraktion’s opener “Bodega Dub” calls to mind a dank concrete basement – no windows, a slight fragrance of mildew, a single light bulb swinging from the smooth ceiling.  Below the bulb sits the drummer, carrying along at his deliberate clip while the guitarist picks the subtleties from his nylon strings.  Ambient textures fill the room,...
Hectic Zeniths - Hectic Zeniths

Hectic Zeniths – Hectic Zeniths

I’m always immensely inspired by musicians that incorporate risk into their craft.  I find that under most circumstances, their display of courage in a world saturated with copy-cats is a much needed breath of fresh air.  Of course, this risk entails the very real possibility that their efforts will be in vain.  Fortunately, in the...
Pogo - Wonderland

Pogo – Wonderland

Remixes can be a wild beast to tackle effectively, and few musicians are capable of pulling them off without sounding like a copycat.  I find that the most creative method of remixing utilizes only miniscule samples of the original sounds and rearranges them to design a new, unique take on another’s work.  Sadly, the large...