The Symphony of Science

The Symphony of Science

Artists trying to bridge the gap between entertainment and anything remotely educational put themselves in a precarious situation, whether intentional or not.  Allowing one to eclipse the other can throw the entire project into an indescribably nebulous realm – is it strictly educational, trying to be cool, or is it edu-tainment?  In any case, it’s...
Pogo - Wonderland

Pogo – Wonderland

Remixes can be a wild beast to tackle effectively, and few musicians are capable of pulling them off without sounding like a copycat.  I find that the most creative method of remixing utilizes only miniscule samples of the original sounds and rearranges them to design a new, unique take on another’s work.  Sadly, the large...
Mokhov - Halcyon Days

Mokhov – Halcyon Days

Oleg Mokhov has been on the scene for as long as I can remember being interested in the Internet.  His electronic music portfolio has grown sizeably over the past few years, and every release (in whatever form) continues to inspire.  Most of his music began as remixes of different shapes and sizes, which were released...