Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen

Top Ten of Twenty Fourteen

What up homies.  Here’s a list of my top ten records (bandcamp style if I can find a link).  I’m a bit late to the party here, but I think there were a ton of gems to be found in the music world last year and these, in particular, should be celebrated.  Not many words...
Best of Bandcamp's Best - Volume 2

Best of Bandcamp’s Best – Volume 2

Oh, why hello. Didn’t see you over there. It has been a while, hasn’t it? Maybe you’ve heard that we’ve been hard at work engineering our newest franken-creation: Best of Bandcamp’s Best – Volume 2. Well, yes actually, today is the day! We’ve decided to set it free to the world and we’re glad you’re...
Best of Bandcamp's Best Compilation!

Best of Bandcamp’s Best Compilation!

Free Download Welcome one and all, to the unveiling of the Best of Bandcamp’s Best – Volume 1.  Seeing that BB just celebrated its first year of sweet, awkward existence, I figured I’d do something great for the little guy’s birthday.  Isn’t he cute, crawling around on the floor, barfing on my shoes. The compilation...