*Looks like as of April 2012, the band has pulled the album from BC… I’ll keep an eye out for it in the future.*

Accents’ full length debut offers up some of the most refreshing indie and alternative rock I’ve heard for some time.  While the heart-on-sleeve styled vocals and lyrics can sound a bit dated, the band’s ability to fuse memorable melodies with infectious instrumentals certainly eclipses any flaws.

The band’s powerfully realized song progressions dabble in modern alternative rock, indie-pop, and even harken back to classic 90s alternative and early 2000s emo (particularly on “The Fog”).  Many of the tracks feature a certain flare, and charge forward with militantly styled beats (as heard in “Divide”).

Their refreshing take on indie rock is most evident in the album highlights “Underwater”, “With the Light”, “Seeds” and “Routine Movements”.  These four high-energy tracks showcase Accents’ superb ability to venture outside of their comfort zone while remaining consistent with overall feel of the album.

Some solid guitar solos can be heard throughout the album, though they never stand out too heavily.  And while some of the tracks’ melodies are moving, they also tend to overstay their welcome, particularly on “Around“, “Storms” and “Sorrow“.  These pieces are endearing, but their presentation is predictable and generally falls flat when compared to the rest of the album.

The lack of variation in some songs can be grating, since most of them stretch beyond the 3.5 minute mark.  Beyond this minor gripe, however, Growth and Squalor is a highly enjoyable listen, and provides more than enough moments of indie rock bliss.

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