Monthly archive December, 2012
Roadkill Ghost Choir - Quiet Light

Roadkill Ghost Choir – Quiet Light

We’ve been on a roll here lately with EPs that have proven their worth in salt, often standing up to the many full-lengths that we feature. We’ll add another to that list of beauties, with Roadkill Ghost Choir‘s latest alt-americana foray: Quiet Light. Perhaps it’s the brevity of these short efforts that makes them so...
The Oh Hellos - Through the Deep, Dark Valley

The Oh Hellos – Through the Deep, Dark Valley

Gospel choirs are beginning to make for some completely original, addictively wholesome listening. While high-energy, organically-driven, gang-vocal folk-rock has become rather popular (thanks Mum&Sons), I’m of the opinion that the genre still has quite a bit of life left to it. Listen to Through the Deep, Dark Valley by The Oh Hellos, and you’ve got...
photocomfort - photocomfort

photocomfort – photocomfort

photocomfort truly came out of nowhere. Unassuming indie folk/pop at its core, the far-too-short self-titled EP accomplishes a great deal within its rather limited time span. Simply put, it’s been one of the most pleasantly confounding introductions to an artist I’ve had in quite some time. It’s not everyday (month, or year for that matter) that an artist...