Monthly archive November, 2012
The Local Strangers - Left for Better

The Local Strangers – Left for Better

Vibrant, soulful indie rock doesn’t always arrive in as nicely a rounded package as The Local Strangers’ latest effort Left for Better. Consisting of two midwestern anchors, Matt Hart and Aubrey Zoli, fronting a full six-piece mini-orchestra, The Local Strangers make a rather strong case in their debut full-length. Where the band coalesces isn’t in...
Monogrenade - Tantale

Monogrenade – Tantale

Monogrenade made their case the first time I stumbled into the “Intro“. The beauty of the band’s expertly realized atmospheric demeanor became increasingly apparent as Tantale unwound, a trait that contrasts many of my most revered albums. The more I listened, the more I realized that this Canadian quartet doesn’t bother beating around the bush....
To Kill A King - Word of Mouth

To Kill A King – Word of Mouth

After deciding to feature this EP, I realized that the band pulled the download ability from their Bandcamp page and decided to link to their iTunes and merch sites for purchase. I’ve decided not to speculate on the issue, as each artist is entitled to their own strategy in making money on recorded music. The...