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Best of Bandcamp's Best Compilation!

Best of Bandcamp’s Best Compilation!

Free Download Welcome one and all, to the unveiling of the Best of Bandcamp’s Best – Volume 1.  Seeing that BB just celebrated its first year of sweet, awkward existence, I figured I’d do something great for the little guy’s birthday.  Isn’t he cute, crawling around on the floor, barfing on my shoes. The compilation...
Accents - Growth and Squalor

Accents – Growth and Squalor

*Looks like as of April 2012, the band has pulled the album from BC… I’ll keep an eye out for it in the future.* Accents’ full length debut offers up some of the most refreshing indie and alternative rock I’ve heard for some time.  While the heart-on-sleeve styled vocals and lyrics can sound a bit...
Everyman of Parts - Travelling Time

Everyman of Parts – Travelling Time

In my relatively short time on this earth, I’ve listened to quite a few multi-instrumentalist musicians. I’ve found while they can be impressive in their adeptness, they can be simultaneously overburdened by the responsibility that comes along with making a entire record.  In my own experience as an electronic musician, being responsible for the entirety...