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Stuedabakerbrown - Strangers We'll Become

Stuedabakerbrown – Strangers We’ll Become

This feature has a bit of a preface, so if you’d like to skip down to the meat of the review, start reading below the line. I was sent Stuedabakerbrown’s 2010 full-length, alternative rock album a few weeks ago.  Like other submissions, I gave the album a few spins before deciding to review it – as...
Ljones - Soul Below

Ljones – Soul Below

Most times, we deem it necessary that for a creative work to be considered stellar, it must push limits, create new definitions for its genre, or challenge us to question the status quo.  If it fails to do such a thing, most would consider it a flop.  Without big ideas or fancy new techniques, what’s...
Marc Perreault - Brother Bear EP

Marc Perreault – Brother Bear EP

Using the term “indie” to describe a band or musician seems to become less meaningful by the day.  I liken its transformation in meaning to the way that the words “very” or ” a lot” are used nowadays; neither actually adds anything to what you’re trying to say, other than clutter.  The ambiguity of the...