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Nym - Warm Blooded Lizard

Nym – Warm Blooded Lizard

The spaghetti western style of Nym’s Warm Blooded Lizard could have been a gimmick.  It had the potential to completely decimate his thoughtful arrangements with a cheap attempt at novelty, all for an overarching theme nobody had ever tried before.  Thankfully, Nym was right in taking these risks, as Warm Blooded Lizard succeeds admirably in...
Cult Classic Records - Friends and Family

Cult Classic Records – Friends and Family

I’ve reviewed a few downtempo, trip-hop influenced musicians in the past.  While I’d love to tell you that they’re all starting to sound the same, that the genre is nearing its untimely end due to over-saturation, it simply cannot be said with confidence.  Case-in-point, the superb release from Cult Classic Records – Friends and Family....