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Pogo - Wonderland

Pogo – Wonderland

Remixes can be a wild beast to tackle effectively, and few musicians are capable of pulling them off without sounding like a copycat.  I find that the most creative method of remixing utilizes only miniscule samples of the original sounds and rearranges them to design a new, unique take on another’s work.  Sadly, the large...
Interview - Ole Hofvind from Unn Records

Interview – Ole Hofvind from Unn Records

(To download this interview and take it where you want, click the little down arrow on the right side of the box above.) Electronic music is one of the most popular types of music at present.  While not a genre in and of itself, it is more of a category of music that refers to...
Jon Prophet - A New Religion

Jon Prophet – A New Religion

I’ve found that rock n’ roll of the moment is in a state of disrepair, partly due to a lack of identity.  From its original form have come a great many new interpretations, splintering the genre further and further.  With these splintered pieces, we’ve lost sight of the one that started it all, which seems...