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Jeff Pianki - Paper Window

Jeff Pianki – Paper Window

Paper Window by Jeff Pianki has the power to creep up on you, grabbing you unexpectedly.  When you’ve begun letting your mind wander, Jeff’s endearing voice and piano playing have the uncanny ability to reel you back in. Sweeping vocal harmonies kick off this acoustically driven extended EP.  Subtly delivered, these eight tracks are the...
Berry Weight - Music for Imaginary Movies

Berry Weight – Music for Imaginary Movies

Berry Weight sits atop the slippery slope of a genre being diluted more each day.  Luckily, the international duo (one musician from Canada, the other from Switzerland) have dealt out some high quality downtempo trip-hop in Music for Imaginary Movies. The majority of the tracks on this eleven-strong album are head-bobbers, taking the listener through...